A novella by Fauzia Rafique


This book is dedicated to



I’m grateful to:
Faiza Rana, Shahid Mirza, Ijaz Syed, Chanda and Amjad Saleem Minhas for viewing the manuscript and pointing to important elements that helped me to make it better.
Sadhu Binning and Harinder Dhahan for looking at the ‘Daljit’ section and clarifying some things for me.
A couple of characters were strengthened in the novel because of knowing Imtiaz Popat and Priscilla Sunshine Eagle.

My Respects to Biji
Love to Mariam, Yermiah, Ayesha, Hafsah, Tiesa, Eve and Yonas
Thanks to my beautiful and wise sister Salma
Good wishes to all my family members in Pakistan and Abroad

I’m especially indebted to Tim Hume and his partner Carolyn Hume who safe-kept an early manuscript of Keerru in Brighton UK from 1978 to 2014 when they found me on the internet and sent it to me in Vancouver. If they hadn’t kept it, and hadn’t sent it to me decades later, this novel would not have been written.

Surrey, December 2019


Many thanks to Abbas R. Kazmi for editing the Urdu manuscript of ‘Keerru’.

Surrey, June 2020


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